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Prof. Segev Zohar
Academic Staff
Room 1405, 14th Floor Eshkol Tower, Reception Hours: Tuesday 12:00 - 13:00, by appointment
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Research fields

Research fields:

Dr. Zohar Segev is professor of Jewish History at the University of Haifa. Professor Segev teaches courses on American Jewish History and Zionist History. Professor Segev is also the head of the Wolfson Chair in Jewish religious Thought and Heritage. He is the author of: "From Ethnic Politicians to National Leaders. American Zionist Leadership, the Holocaust and the Establishment of Israel published by Ben Gurion University press. (2007) and “The World Jewish Congress During the Holocaust: Between Activism and Restraint” published by De Gruyter Press. ( July 2014).

Professor Segev’s current project is a group biography of Jewish activist who emigrated from Europe to USA during the 1930s and beginning of the 1940. Later, after 1948, they immigrated to Israel. Jewish Activist Like: Jacob Robinson, Arieh Tartakower and Leon Kubowitzki, (Kubovy)Were active in Jewish circles in USA during the Second World War, and after 1948, had important and significant position in the Israeli bureaucracy.