The Department of Jewish History is an interdisciplinary department, and pursues Jewish social, economic, political, and intellectual history. This unique  approach allows the department to offerflexible, diverse, and innovative programs that explore Jewish history and thought from the biblical period to the present.

 The study of Jewish history brings the student to an encounter with human culture in all its diversity. As the history of the Jews cannot be understood without a profound knowledge of the variedhistorical contexts in which they lived, so too general history cannot be fully understood without an appreciation of the history of the Jews

The study of history serves both researcher and student as a primary tool for understanding the background of the development of the forces and factors operating in our society.

 Jewish history seeks to understand the processes that shaped and continue to shape the Jewish people, providing a profound perspective with which to approach and analyze contemporary Jewish andIsraeli cultures.

In recent years, the study of history has undergone radical changes akin to the changes that have occurred in other areas of the humanities and social studies, incorporating theory and methodologyfrom a variety of disciplines ranging from anthropology and sociology to political science and literary criticism. Jewish history has been greatly enriched by these developments and offers more fascination than ever to its students.